Aurinko Academy is a Progressive Learning Space in Bangalore. It is aimed at providing a learning environment for children where their core is safeguarded and strengthened with the help of the Aurinko Ecosystem - Parents, Family, Teachers and the Community.

The School believes that humans have an intrinsic ability to learn from the environment. Aurinko has a conducive ecosystem where the teachers facilitate child-led learning possibilities under the broad framework of the structured, well-balanced Aurinko Curriculum.

We have a unique approach coupled with a well-designed and implemented approach for academic skill areas that allows the seamless and perfect inclusion of different learning styles.

Aurinko Academy welcomes children and adults who desire a Free Learning Environment and want to embark on a Lifelong Learning Journey!

We offer equal learning opportunities for all children tailored to their needs, interests and levels. We offer a free, safe, enriching and enthused environment for people who would like to work with us.


We came here with Intuition...We are staying here with confidence

— Parent of 8 year old


Its amazing… Sometimes when I am complaining about my child, I feel his teacher is the biological mother! She is always on his side!

- Parent of 10 year old


Helping children in Art at Aurinko gave me immense pleasure.. The children are exptremely bright and creative.. They make me want to do more!

— Parul, Artist


An academy of its own league, Aurinko Academy paints a different picture in the modern day canvas, inspiring others to try and implement similar measures.


Grand Parent

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire. In my days we learnt for fear.. But children at Aurinko are truly inspired and motivated to learn from within!

— Grandparent of a 10 year old


I had only dreamt of such a school for my child… Its for real… the feeling is still sinking in

- Parent of 7 year old

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