What Visitors and Friends Feel about Aurinko!

Recently we asked what does Aurinko Academy mean to you and here is what we got to hear!!

A place that gives equal importance to creative ,emotional and artistic aspects in kids development and not just academics – Shyamala Krishnan

A school that converts theoretical Individualized education program into reality! – Sushma Vinay

A school that applies education – A school that applies education !!!!  – Jaya Kala

A school that truly believes in children’s potential – Ishita Dutta

Its Extraordinary ! – Farida Warjiri

My child recently mentioned “My school and my second home” – Shah Quadri

A progressive school where destiny is carved, shaped and nourished – Vandana Hegde

A place full of positivity where kids are nurtured with love , given freedom to express themselves and are encouraged to follow their passion. – Surabhi Bhatia

An educative place where children are taught to be productive and happy at the same time  – Vijaya Parvatneni

Innovative approach to education that develops and puts theory into practice encompassing knowledge and fun. – Prakash Lakshmikanthan

A house where spirituality n education are put together to mould a child. – Nagesh Babu

A place where learning happens by being conscious of one’s thoughts and actions through gentle facilitation – Sandhya Viswan

We are proud that this is what people think about us. We have a one pointed focus of integrating Education, Art, Science, Sport and Spirituality into a seamless program with the child at the center who can explore, imbibe, reflect from the resources available. As he progresses on this journey our dream for him/her is to become a contributing citizen of Mother Earth.