The Program

The Aurinko Program focuses on the Whole-Child. The curriculum is integrated, emergent and child-centered.

At Aurinko, the curriculum fits around the child’s needs to allow a flexible and enjoyable learning experience. The approach identifies the strong bond between all developmental domains : – motor/physical, cognitive, social/emotional, communication/language, and self-help.

It recognizes all factors that are a part of the curriculum development process

  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Child
  • Community

The Program ensures, in unique and individualized ways, each child’s development across and within the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical domains.

Salient Aspects of the Aurinko Program

  1. The Learner Profile:
    This consists of the child’s background, developmental needs, abilities, interests, intelligences and learning styles.
  2. Level based Individualized Program:
    Allows us to meet specific needs of the children while meeting grade level expectations. The program scaffolds their learning in ways that will support their educational journey and life goals. A structured lesson plan is executed in a free learning environment to enable the children learn and express in ways that are conducive to their unique Learner Profiles.
  3. Integrated and interdependent Content Areas:
    Grade Level content areas are planned, prepared and executed to enable learning across domains. Children use observation, prediction and reflection not only in science and math but in anything they learn. Learning is integrated across all content areas and is deepened with the integration of specialist teachers. E.g. children work on Indian history through simple passages and use problem-solving, reasoning, comprehension skills and extend their vocabulary while exploring the content. Children develop social skills such as turn-taking and building self-confidence.
  4. Collective and Collaborative Learning Environment:
    Ensures that children develop social skills such as turn-taking and building self-confidence etc.