Teachers Speak

Gayathri Kishore
Curriculum Developer and Teacher

From being totally unaware of a place like Aurinko to being a teacher/ curriculum developer, I have come a long way. Aurinko has helped me grow and I have found a place were I fit in completely.

Every small change for the better in the children encourages me to go on. I strive to become a better teacher, a better human being, more patient, more loving and caring. Working on the curriculum is interesting and challenging work and I hope I can make the learning process easier through them.

Having been with the kids at Aurinko and helping them through their achiements, has given me a sense of great happiness. I am pretty sure that this kind of happiness doesn’t come in any other job. Its a great feeling, with great friends to work with, it feels like being totally at home.

Seema Chhabra
Art and Craft Expert

I am able to achieve Aurinko’s objective in true sense, by having dedication, perseverance and emotional link apart from knowledge. Aurinko has given me an identity and I feel proud to be a part of the creative aspect of a child’s growth.


Apoorva Deshpande

Aurinko gives me the opportunity to explore and experiment; to take risks and fail and to share and grow. It gives me a chance to work with children and make a difference in their lives!

Aurinko has transformed my life! Earlier i saw only the red and green in a rainbow, i now see the whole spectrum and the invisible colours in between!

Aurinko, in its own way, is changing the current scenario of education! It feels great to be a small part of such a great change!! Everyday brings new challenges, inspiring experiences and endless smiles! I cannot ask for more!

Komala Anantpur

I have always believed that each child is special and each child has the potential to grow into an independent , self sufficient individual. I hate to accept that there are limitations and that there is only so much you can do with any child. Aurinko is a place which follows this philosophy which is very dear to me which looks at each child as an individual with huge potential rather as an individual with difficulties to be worked on.

Aurinko has been my Dream come true in many ways. I have been fortunate to find like minded people at Aurinko who look into the strengths of the child rather look into their weaknesses.

Each child is being cherished and nurtured to blossom into a beautiful individual at Aurinko which is what I am here to do !

Smitha Narayanan

I feel I am a better person after working at Aurinko!

Adibia Nasir

I feel Aurinko is the best place for me. I love kids and when they are special, I love them more!

As a beginner, I’m in the learning process myself. I believe I can do more since I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing and with the guidance of all the other teachers around.

Aurinko has changed the person in me. I remember walking into Aurinko as a clueless 20 year old. Gradually things changed, I have learnt more. Each day I learn a lesson along with helping kids. The atmosphere in Aurinko is different, I’m loving it each day.

Abirami Umasankar

I feel Aurinko is truly like a big family. Everyone is doing their best and support each other. I learn a lot and contribute everyday.