Nature and Nurture work hand in hand at Aurinko to facilitate learning experiences that enrich a child’s life.

Teachers at Aurinko have one goal in mind, to plant a wish in the child’s mind

  • to learn,
  • to be content,
  • to be responsible, and
  • to love himself, the environment and the community.

We are interested in the journey of learning, in children being free, fearless while exploring and connecting with the subject matter that motivates and interests them and utilizes their unique capacities.

The benefits of such an environment are

  • Children socially co-construct knowledge with each other and adults.
  • The Aurinko teacher is a facilitator of learning, rather than a director.
  • The children are active participants in their own learning
  • The curriculum emerges from the interests, past knowledge, and experiences of the children and teachers.
  • Learning becomes an active process; the focus is upon the learner more than on the subject or lesson to be taught.

Through observation, reflection and assessment we are able to identify the impact of the methodology on the child. This is used to modify the content, teaching strategies, and differentiation of instruction to suit the child’s needs.