Parents Speak

Parent of 9 and 12 year old

Aurinko is like a family,.. all events are like a family gathering. Everyone is involved,everyone is working, everyone is happy. We feel proud of being associated with a school that is an extension of our home.

Parent of 6 year old

Aurinko feels like a well-oiled machine. Everything works smoothly, flawlessly!

Parent of 8 year old

Aurinko has given us family time! We are no longer stressed or always running behind homework and exams. Evenings and Weekends are relaxed and full of fun. Its amazing how children are on accelerated curriculum and yet theres little homework, most of which my child can do independently…

Parent of 9 year old

Lets make it clear… child will be in Aurinko until whatever level of education you will have!

Parent of 6 year old

We love this child enjoys learning and experiencing concepts here….

Parent of 7 year old

I had only dreamt of such a school for my child… Its for real… the feeling is still sinking in

Parent of 8 year old

My older child is pestering me to move her into Aurinko, and I cant find reasons to refuse.. That’s the best feedback I can give

Parent of 11 year old

A beautiful project, wonderful teachers, happy parents and divine children …

Parent of 6 year old

I don’t know how you do it! everyone is happy all the time.. Are you guys insulated for stress?

Parent of 6 year old

My child cries to go to school.. that is so different from when he used to cry not to go to school!

Parent of 12 year old

Every teacher in Aurinko knows minute details about my child. Everytime Ive stepped in during lunch time I see the teachers share and enjoy children’s antics just like they would about their biological children!

Parent of 10 year old

Its amazing… Sometimes when I am complaining about my child, I feel his teacher is the biological mother! She is always on his side!

Parent of 6 year old

Everytime I enter the school, I feel a great sense of happiness!

Aurinko for us has been an awakening, to let go of one’s ambition for their child and allow him to discover his own true identity and potential. Our son discovering confidence through self assurance, learn math and science through play and active experimentation and most importantly question and challenge why we do what we do with an objective to understand, has been the greatest take away . Aurinko has provided a space which is not driven by fear ¬†or rules but with a heightened sense of belonging and accountability where a child dares to take decisions and learn from the consequences

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