Introducing the Aurinko Project Program to the World.

An unique Project Based Learning that brings in a sense of innovation, purpose and immense learning opportunities. After its launch we have seen every child build on their knowledge, ask questions, look for mentors, research and work endlessly on the … More

What Visitors and Friends Feel about Aurinko!

Recently we asked what does Aurinko Academy mean to you and here is what we got to hear!! A place that gives equal importance to creative ,emotional and artistic aspects in kids development and not just academics – Shyamala Krishnan … More

Solution to create thinking minds

Aurinko Academy has evolved as a solution to create thinking minds, something that mainstream is unable to promote! Instead of waiting for the current edcuation system to evolve and understand the futility of rote, competetion and running behind big bucks.. … More

Mail Today

Keni who runs a progressive school from home says that though she is available all the time, my child is responsible for himself. But for a single, working mother, isn’t the pressure too much? “There was more pressure on me … More