Lesson on Clothing

Children learn when there is fun, hands on activities in a free environment. At Aurinko each concept is experienced hands on! Here is a description of how the Grade 1 learnt Clothing!


Well, we all know them as some non-living thing, which is used to cover our body, and also used around the house like bed spreads and curtains. But how many of us actually know how they are made of and where they come from?!

Ask our kids at Aurinko. They would give you not only the answer but a detailed explanation about different types of clothing materials and their origin.

The teachers led the children on a journey on Inquiry. As the children talked about What , Where and How, the teachers exposed them a variety of material – Books, Videos, Visits, Cut pieces of cloth etc. They also used the tactile methods in Art and Craft. Children used Art to not only to touch and feel but also to comprehend and express.

The children also used their little fingers to make thread from cotton, a snowman with wool, clothes with paper etc. Children also learnt that clothes came from both natural and man made sources. They got an understanding of not only the concept but also the value of those things that were considered to be mundane and part of their daily life. Children also understood how clothes were made and the effort it took when they measured themselves and made paper shirts, when they made a plastic bag raincoat and during finger knitting.  They were able to appreciate the people who make them better.

The lesson is packed with learning and also several avenues to improve their analytical, visual, cognitive, and imagination skills. With the loving support of a teacher and 1:1 attention, the child absorbs and retains every bit of learning for long periods of time. We have seen that children retained all the concepts of this lesson even after 8-9 months.

Each of the steps are so vivid in their minds that it plays an active part in the learning process, without having to memorise  the information like a bunch of words made by a string of alphabets!  The teachers at Aurinko facilitate a stress free, non- threatening and free environment which helps lead the child to interact, question, debate and improve his scientific inquiry skills. This differential method used is what sets the child free of mindless rote-learning.  Reading, Writing, Assessments etc on the topic are cakewalk for our children!

With so much to gain and hardly anything to lose, the fear of the subject or examinations is unseen and unheard of in Aurinko!