Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Aurinko Academy a School? Is it an Alternative School?
  2. What are the salient points of Aurinko?
  3. What syllabus do you follow?
  4. Will my child have a secure career at the end?
  5. Is this school suitable for all children, or do some need more structure?
  6. Aurinko gives so much freedom, space and love. After this will my child be able to fit into the real world?
  7. What is the Fee Structure? What am I paying for?

Is Aurinko Academy a School? Is it an Alternative School?

Aurinko is a learning space for children, parents, teachers and people from all walks of life to discover themselves, their world and their relationship with it. It is an ecosystem for self-awareness where you can build skills that get you ready for life.

The people involved in Aurinko – Founders, Teachers Parents Donors, Well-wishers, Volunteers are all looking at Life itself as a Learning Ground with Experiences as Tools to Survive, Excel and Self Actualize.

 We at Aurinko are nurturing and empowering a select group of Change Agents that will have Awareness and Intellect to sense the need for change, Will, Compassion, Tolerance, Love to bring about this change.

What are the salient points of Aurinko?

  • Well Researched Child Centric Curriculum
  • Level based instruction – no grades
  • Preparation for life not a job
  • Skill based empowerment
  • Real People teaching Real Life Projects in Real Life Environment to Real kids
  • Emphasis on Indian Culture and Heritage
  • Secularism and Spirituality
  • Emphasis on Life skills more than Academics
  • Academics is a part of the Child’s Toolkit to Face Life
  • Strong Value System
  • Collaborative Community that learns together.

What syllabus do you follow?

Our curriculum is based on a lot of research of State Standards, Developmental Needs, Current World Situations etc.

Academically it is drawn from the CBSE/ICSE/SSC/IGCSE boards. However since the emphasis is on experiential learning and we do not encourage rote learning, academics form a very small subset of what the child learns at Aurinko.

At Grade 8 a child and his family will be given options to complete Grade 10/12 through NIOS/ IGCSE. There is an option for un-schoolers to not take any board exams as well.

NIOS – Organization under the Government of India, Ministry of HRD in 1989. Used extensively by children in free learning schools, professionals and homeschoolers, it has the same standard and equivalence as any other Indian National/ State level Board. Accepted Worldwide.

IGCSE – Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. Developed over 25 years ago, it is tried, tested and trusted by schools worldwide.

Will my child have a secure career at the end?

“Right education is to help you to find out for yourself what you really, with all your heart, love to do. It does not matter what it is, whether it is to cook, or to be a gardener, but it is something in which you have put your mind, your heart” – J. Krishnamurti

“Education isn’t something you can finish “.   – Isaac Asimov

Aurinko Academy draws its inspiration from the Aurinko Philosophy that focuses on all areas of a child’s development and will create empowered, educated, free, responsible and concerned Global Citizens.

The intent of Aurinko Academy is not to help children find security through material comfort or by conforming to the current values and ambitions of society. It is, rather, to equip them with skills, help them be responsible, informed individuals who can act sensitively in the world.

We understand that our children must be independent and earn a livelihood. However, at home and school, nurturing each child should be our deepest concern. As a natural part of this concern, Aurinko Academy will equip children with the skills to earn a livelihood, discover what they love to do, and help them do it with all their heart. Parents are urged to impart the same values, simple living and limit exposure to the materialistic world. If the upbringing at school and home do not match it can give mixed messages to a child and confuse him leading to indecisiveness.

Generally, it is us adults, that are constantly pressurizing and limiting our children in our own fear and anxiety about the future. It is important for us to be questioning our perceptions of security, success, fears, prejudices and refrain from projecting the same on our children.

It is important that we raise our children in a world of abundance. Abundance of learning opportunities, mentors, tools and resources. Abundance of career options, opportunities and living options. Raising a child in scarcity will generate fear, insecurity, conceitedness and helplessness.

At Aurinko Academy, we endeavor to give ample space and time to the child to grow into a free individual and reach his full potential. We expect the same at home.

We will continue to be available to your child as he traverses through his life whenever they need us.

Is this school suitable for all children, or do some need more structure?
The Aurinko Program is individualized, keeping in mind each child’s specific needs. So to some/large extent, the amount of structure would vary from child to child. Some activities may need structure while others may need freedom.

Too much structure can curtail a children freedom to express, learn and play. Learning is intrinsic in humans and our children will learn when in an environment that provides them opportunities to explore, question and experiment.

We believe that all children respond to an atmosphere where they are trusted to take responsibility for themselves. Problems only arise when there are differences that lead to conflict between home and school.

A child who has a lot of structure at home goes berserk in school not knowing how to handle the freedom or becomes totally withdrawn as he needs instructions for every step.

Whereas a child who has not been taught boundaries or lacks a basic disciplinary structure at home will take a long time at Aurinko to respect the freedom and thus might not involve himself in all activities. It is seen that all children take 6 months to a year to understand the environment, mould themselves, use it to the maximum and achieve their full potential here.

It is important that the parent understands the intent of the school and can provide an interaction and atmosphere at home that is in harmony with that absorbed by the child at school.

Aurinko gives so much freedom, space and love. After this will my child be able to fit into the real world?

At Aurinko children are in the real world, a world that they will create and nurture in the future. If you are referring to the materialistic world, then yes, in a way Aurinko will facilitate this adjustment also.

All children with us will be encouraged to explore areas of interest so that they may discover what they really love to do. They will be equipped with the skills to earn a livelihood. More important, they will be equipped with the clarity and confidence to face life’s challenges. While in school, children will be part of decision making, learning to be responsible for the community and for themselves. They will also be exposed to a lot of scenarios and equipped to choose between good and bad. When they go out into the adult world with that sense of responsibility, they will be able to respond sensibly and sensitively to whatever comes their way.

What is the Fee Structure? What am I paying for?

The fee that you pay at Aurinko Academy is a contribution to sustain the community and not a payment towards a service. We have a ratio of about 3 children to an adult in Aurinko Academy. Specialized, 1:1 attention is given to each child and curriculum to match his needs is devised. The best of resources are procured/employed for the all-round development of the child. 

As a result in the last five years the Aurinko Parent Community has been a strong base for us and have contributed generously towards many things we have introduced.

Some of the activities children do other than the myriad experiential learning opportunities that Aurinko provides are,  Rock climbing, Theatre, Culture and Heritage, Gardening, Cooking, Sports etc.