Flow of the Day

From arrival to departure our day is designed considering the diverse developmental levels found in the children of different age groups in addition to expectations and values framed by the educators.

Our day begins with chirpy children greeting each other with ‘Namaste’ as we believe the life force, the divinity, the Self or the God in me is the same in all.  Our first integrated activity is the prayer. Our students chant Om and recite the ‘Great Invocation’ which is a world prayer, used by people of all faiths and spiritual inclinations, to aid our planet. The children then do a set of full body exercises designed to activate various chakras of the body. It is followed by ‘Super brain Yoga’ which is a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain. The kids then chant the Gayatri Mantra  and Ajai-Alai-the School Song. It is a short get-together, which sets the tone for everyone present.

Assembly is also a time for viewing presentation by fellow students, announcements and problem solving. Children are encouraged to brain storm and come up with practical solutions for issues relating to school or fellow mates.

Blocks of time are organized throughout the day at Aurinko Academy to optimize space and time taking into account human rhythms and the culture of routines. The class routines are interconnected so it offers a structure for classrooms to coordinate and share experiences, manage resources and work as a community.

Children are actively involved in preparing for their activities. Learning to track and carry out schedules helps children develop life-skills of creating goals and setting agendas.

The transition between routines follows the developmental scope and personality of different age groups and classroom identities. The youngest children have the fewest transitions, whereas the oldest children help in planning the schedule of the day and week. The children engage in plenty of hands on learning and creativity. Art and craft and projects are an integral part of almost every subject in Aurinko.

Sports and physical activity have been incorporated in the daily schedule such that children get to indulge in various games and sports. Rock climbing, which is a full body workout and improves cognitive ability, problem solving and confidence is an integral part of our curriculum.

Shloka chanting happens once a week with the children combining sound, breath and rhythm It is an invigorating experience for everyone involved.

The flow of the day also serves to integrate different intelligences and academic content by connecting similar ideas and concepts to different learning environments. A lot of thought has gone into the meeting and greeting, routines and rituals, planning and action, reflection and closure to ensure a positive learning experience.