Aurinko Educational Framework

Aurinko Academy’s curriculum is inspired by the Co-Constructivist theory, the Universal Laws of Karma, Teachings of Great Gurus, Indian Ancient Gurukul System. and a widely researched and successful approach devised by its founders.

This framework illustrates Aurinko Academy’s educational approach and the interrelationship between various areas of curriculum, child development, attitudes, values and the methodology adapted.

The Educational Framework depicts what we expect children, families, and teachers to cover and uncover throughout their tenure at Aurinko Academy.

The Aurinko curriculum content spans through Academic, Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Community and Physical Areas.

Through different curriculum clusters, the children traverse their curriculum. The teachers offer different ways of understanding ideas and integrating content by exploring and applying one concept in more than one environment with different tools or provocations.

This also supports children and adults in seeing different perspectives to create and think with concepts and materials to apply learned skills.