Aurinko Absolute Must-haves!

Creativity and Expression

We believe that creative expression is a basic human need and we are dedicated to connecting children with their ability to create… more

Playfulness, Bliss, and Fun

We believe children construct some of their most important learning through play. Our program is brimming with fun, spontaneity and inter-generational… more

Family and Community Connection

We believe that children flourish when deep human connections permeate all aspects of their lives. We want to help… more

Global and Environmental Exploration

Our program helps children become aware of and respect the world in which they liveĀ  From their connection to the environment to their relationships to different… more

Multiple Perspectives and Differentiated Learning Styles (Unique Special Needs)

We believe intellectual development flows most naturally and effectively when the curriculum/methodologies are child centric and when… more

Self-Awareness and Well-Being

Our program aims to create awareness in children, of how their bodies and thought processes connect to a personal sense of health, efficacy… more